This page contains a map of the Borough's different Air Quality boundaries. The yellow line indicates the PM2.5 nonattainment area boundary, which was established by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). The blue and purple shaded areas combined are the Air Quality Control Zone (AQCZ), which was established by the Borough Assembly. The blue shaded area is the Fairbanks portion of the AQCZ, while the purple shaded area is the North Pole portion of the AQCZ. Properties located within the PM2.5 nonattainment area are eligible for the Borough's Wood Stove Change Out Program.

How to Use the Map

There are a few different options for using the map. If you know the general area of the address you are looking up, you can simply scroll in on the map below with your mouse or use the +/- buttons located in the bottom left corner. For a larger map to work with simply click on the little square at the top right corner of the map (if you hover over the link it says "view larger map"). Once you get to the larger map, the screen should open with a map legend on the left-hand side and the map on the right. 

To search for an address, simply click on the little magnifying glass icon next to the "FNSB Air Quality Zones" title at the top of the legend. Then simply type in the address you are searching for. If the address is located, the map will put a small red dot on the map and generally zooms in to the point. If you have any questions, please call our office at 907-459-1005.

Air Quality Boundaries Map