Salaries & Emoluments Commission


To advise the assembly as to appropriate compensation, including salaries, benefits and allowances of elected officials. 


The commission shall meet least every two years, but not more frequently than every year. This information will be updated to reflect any upcoming meetings. 

Additional Information

If you have questions regarding the Salaries and Emoluments Commission, please contact the Clerk's Office by phone at (907) 459-1401 or email the Clerk's Office

Commissioner Contact Information Term Expiration
V. Lenny Reagin
Business Representative
(907) 479-6679 12/21
Sharon George
Nonpartisan Voters' Group
(907) 388-5904
(907) 455-9000
Doug Tansy
Labor Representative
(907) 456-4248
(907) 455-4465
Traci Gatewood
Public Administration
(907) 378-8456 12/23
Charles Dexter
General Public
(907) 455-2837
(907) 474-9490