What should you do to gain support?
  • Has the neighborhood collected donations by "passing the hat" or tried a neighborhood road maintenance agreement?
  • Is there sufficient support from the residents to pay taxes for road maintenance?
  • Can the proposed area support an additional mill levy higher than the current service area mill rate to bring roads up to existing service area standards?
  • The sponsor should, on a continual basis, discuss public road maintenance with the residents of the existing service area and the proposed area for annexation. The purpose is to gain support from the residents to eventually grant the Borough the power to maintain the roads. Many sponsors in the past have circulated fliers, held meetings, etc. to ensure proper information is available for residents to make informed decisions.

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1. What is a service area?
2. How are the boundaries of a service area decided?
3. What kind of criteria are considered?
4. What should you do to gain support?
5. What steps are involved in becoming part of a service area?
6. What is the purpose of the petition?
7. Who can sign the petition?
8. How many signatures are required?
9. What happens next?
10. Is a public hearing held?
11. What is the purpose of the election?
12. Who can vote in the election?
13. Who operates service areas?
14. What are commissioners’ duties?
15. How are service areas funded?