Is a public hearing held?

All affected property owners are sent written notification of when the ordinance is to be considered by the Assembly. If an annexation to an existing service area is proposed, the commissioners of that service area are notified as well. Public testimony from all interested parties, both pro and con, is taken at the time the ordinance is considered for adoption. After consideration of the issues presented, the Assembly takes action on the ordinance, which may be passed as presented, amended, or defeated. If the ordinance is adopted, an election date is set. The results of the election are a simple majority of those who vote.

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1. What is a service area?
2. How are the boundaries of a service area decided?
3. What kind of criteria are considered?
4. What should you do to gain support?
5. What steps are involved in becoming part of a service area?
6. What is the purpose of the petition?
7. Who can sign the petition?
8. How many signatures are required?
9. What happens next?
10. Is a public hearing held?
11. What is the purpose of the election?
12. Who can vote in the election?
13. Who operates service areas?
14. What are commissioners’ duties?
15. How are service areas funded?