How will your complaint be handled?

Metropolitan Area Commuter System (MACS) Transportation investigates complaints received no more than 180 days after the alleged incident. MACS Transportation will process complaints that are complete. Once a completed complaint is received, MACS Transportation will review it to determine if MACS Transportation has jurisdiction.


MACS Transportation will generally complete an investigation within 90 days from receipt of a complaint. If more information is needed to resolve the case, MACS Transportation may contact you. Unless a longer period is specified by MACS Transportation you will have ten days from the date of the request to send the requested information. If the requested information is not received, MACS Transportation may administratively close the case. A case may also be administratively closed if you no longer wish to pursue it.

After the Investigation

After an investigation is complete, MACS Transportation will send you a letter summarizing the results of the investigation, stating the findings and advising of any corrective action to be taken as a result of the investigation. If you disagree with MACS Transportation determination, you may request reconsideration by submitting a request in writing to Fairbanks North Star Borough Human Resources Director within seven days after the date of the MACS Transportation letter, stating with specificity the basis for the reconsideration. The director will notify you of the decision either to accept or reject the request for reconsideration within ten days. In cases where reconsideration is granted, the director will issue a determination letter to the complainant upon completion of the reconsideration review.

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