How do I post my address?

Here are some guidelines for posting your address so that emergency responders (and your friends!) can find you:

Large Numbers

Post your numbers so they are large enough to be seen easily from the road. A minimum number height of 2.5 inches is required-but larger numbers may be required, depending on how far they are from the roadway. Address number signs are available for free from the FNSB; call the addressing coordinator at 907-459-1260 or visit Community Planning at 907 Terminal Street.

Near the Road

If the building is not clearly visible from the road, post numbers closer to the road near the driveway entrance, high enough so they won’t be covered by snow.

Visible from All Directions

Post your numbers as many times as necessary so your address is visible from all directions traffic may approach.

On Shared Driveways

If the driveway serves more than one address number, post all numbers at the driveway entrance, and also post the appropriate number at each driveway fork and on the specific building to which it is assigned.

Free of Snow & Ice

Keep snow and ice cleared away from your numbers. Remove snow, break off icicles or hanging roof ice to ensure your numbers are visible.

Visible in the Dark

Illuminate your numbers when dark outside- use reflective painted numbers, or use a porch light, a nearby street light, a directed spotlight, or purchase electrically-illuminated numbers.

Clear Vegetation

Trim bushes and trees to keep numbers visible

Clear Visual Obstructions

Be sure to move the following items out from in front of your numbers:

  • Flags
  • Hanging flower baskets
  • Parked vehicles
  • Tarps
  • Windsocks
  • Woodpiles

During Construction

If you remove your numbers due to construction or painting of your building, temporarily post your numbers elsewhere, making sure they’re still visible from the road.

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